Monroe Area Baseball Vision and Mission Statement

MONROE AREA BASEBALL has been in existence since 1960 when area schools consolidated into one High School.  During that time, our baseball program has enjoyed great success and had many outstanding people participate.  All of us are a part of this great tradition and have a responsibility to carry on the torch from previous generations.  In order to do this, we will operate under the following guidelines.


Vision-The Monroe Area Baseball program will instill the core values that help people become successful in life while competing at the highest championship level.


Mission Statement-The mission of the Monroe Area Baseball program is closely aligned to its vision of instilling core values and competing at the highest level. This vision will be accomplished through the development of pride, trust and character.  We will inspire to have pride in all that we do holding an attitude of excellence.  We will develop an atmosphere of trust where people in our program feel accepted and loved.  Finally, we will concentrate on character through confronting our weaknesses and working to overcome them.